File Preparation Guide

Follow this guide's simple step-by-step instructions to prepare your files before submitting them to SoA Print.

Download File Preparation Guide

InDesign Booklet Guide

Follow this guide to create a PDF booklet from InDesign using Acrobat Distiller.

Download InDesign Booklet Guide

PDF Presets

Our PDF presets simplify the export process and ensure that your files will print properly.

Download PDF Presets

ICC Profiles & Soft Proofing Guide

Using an accurately profiled monitor, our ICC profiles allow you to soft proof, or preview on screen, how the colors of your files will appear when printed on our papers. Follow our Soft Proofing Guide for instructions.

Download ICC ProfilesDownload Soft Proofing Guide

File Order Form

Print and fill out your File Order Form before you come into SoA Print (if you want). Order forms will also be available at the shop.

Download File Order Form